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Ablautus mimus
Amathomyia antennata
Backomyia limpidipennis
Beameromyia macula
Bohartia martini
Callinicus pictitarsis
Cerotainiops abdominalis
Cerotainiops wilcoxi
Cophura brevicornis
Cophura lutzi
Cophura nr clausa
Cophura painteri
Cophura tolandi
Cophura trunca
Cyrtopogon albifascies
Cyrtopogon banksi
Cyrtopogon bimacula
Cyrtopogon idahoensis
Cyrtopogon jemezi
Cyrtopogon nugator
Cyrtopogon pulcher
Cyrtopogon stenofrons
Cyrtopogon tibialis
Dicolonus simplex
Dicropaltum cumbipilosus
Dicropaltum mesae
Dioctria baumhaueri
Dioctria pleuralis
Diogmites angustipennis
Diogmites coloradensis
Diogmites discolor
Diogmites esuriens
Diogmites grossus
Diogmites perplexus
Diogmites properans
Diogmites sallei
Efferia aestuans
Efferia albibarbis
Efferia anomalus
Efferia arida
Efferia basini
Efferia benedicti
Efferia bicaudata
Efferia bicolor
Efferia caliente
Efferia candida
Efferia canella
Efferia carbonaria
Efferia coquilletti
Efferia costalis
Efferia cressoni
Efferia davisi
Efferia deserti
Efferia duncani
Efferia frewingi
Efferia gila
Efferia kelloggi
Efferia latruncula
Efferia mortensoni
Efferia nemoralis
Efferia neosimilis
Efferia nr cana
Efferia ordwayae
Efferia pallidula
Efferia parkeri
Efferia peralta
Efferia pernicis
Efferia pilosa
Efferia prolifica
Efferia rapax
Efferia subarida
Efferia subcuprea
Efferia tapeats
Efferia tricella
Efferia triton
Efferia truncata
Efferia tuberculata
Efferia tucsoni
Efferia varipes
Efferia vertebrata
Efferia willistoni
Efferia yuma
Efferia zonata
Eucyrtopogon kelloggi
Eucyrtopogon limpidipennis
Heteropogon senilis
Heteropogon stonei
Holopogon atripennis
Holopogon currani
Holopogon wilcoxi
Laphria aimatis
Laphria astur
Laphria engelhardti
Laphria fernaldi
Laphria gilva
Laphria sadales
Laphystia nr ducani
Laphystia rubra
Laphystia tolandi
Laphystia utahensis
Lasiopogon albidus
Lasiopogon coconino
Lasiopogon monticola
Lasiopogon quadrivittatus
Lasiopogon trivitattus
Lasiopogon willametti
Promachus aldrichii
Wyliea mydas